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Title: What Comes of Boredom and Curiosity
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Spoilers: Through Season 8's Baltimore, if you squint.
Warnings: Explicit gay sex, bondage, D/s relationship, figging, spanking, flogging, toy use, sounding, pain play, orgasm control/denial, fisting, CBT, excessive sappiness (I'm erring on the side of caution.)
Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS, nor do I own any of the actual toys in the fic.
Author's Notes: This started out as a ficlet about Gibbs's toybox and it just snowballed.  I'm sorry if it's rambly; it's my first-ever work of smut.  I also have no idea what I'm talking about concerning the actual phisical sensations of sex and what is or isn't anatomically possible during intercourse; I've never been there and only have the works of smut I've read to rely on, so please forgive any impossibilites.
Links to the real toys that inspired or were featured in the fic are at the end.  They are NSFW.

In hindsight, Tony knew that discussing kinky sex with Abby at work was stupid, and that discussing Gibbs’s likely preferred kinks was even stupider, but he simply hadn’t been able to help himself.  He’d lusted after the Silver Fox since that last case in Baltimore.
Besides which, boredom, was what led the cat to curiosity in the first place, and Abby knew Gibbs well enough to speculate on if their kinks were compatible. 
Though he wasn’t exactly sure how, boredom had landed Tony cuffed to Gibbs’s bed, and Tony was reasonably sure he’d end up dead by the end of this… whatever it was with his boss.
Though he’d half-expected Gibbs to blindfold him after he was handcuffed to the bed, he’d actually been propped up at the shoulders and head, apparently so he could see what Gibbs intended to do to him, and had two pillows under his ass for better access.  The ankle restraints he expected; the unidentifiable cream-colored butt plug Gibbs lifted out of a wide, opaque vase he didn’t.  The sheen and texture were wrong for every material he could think of for any sort of sex toy…
Gibbs threaded the odd plug into a harness and set it back in the vase with the harness hanging over the side, and then reached for something else.  Oh, God.  Butterfly clamps.  Tony shook in trepidation.  The only time he’d tried using clamps, Wendy had weighted them so heavily that his nipples were badly bruised for a week.  (He later learned that butterfly clamps were not really intended for first-timers.)
The touch of cold metal circling his nipple immediately caused Tony to try to struggle, but the handcuffs and ankle restraints didn’t let him move.  Thankfully, the clamps weren’t very tight.  When Gibbs stepped away, Tony relaxed.
Next, a strange-looking metal thing came out of the vase, dripping.  It looked like some sort of cock cage or chastity device, but with the thin metal spike down the middle, it couldn’t be…
The touch of cold, wet fingers on his cock jerked his attention away from pondering the metal thing and back to Gibbs.  The same liquid that dripped off the metal dripped off of Gibbs’s left hand and onto his cock, causing a warm sensation; a chrome cock ring dripped the same liquid in Gibbs’s right hand.  Just as Tony began to feel the hallmarks of an approaching orgasm, Gibbs slid the ring on.
Again the cage-thing came out of the vase, and Tony saw that the spike was removable.  Gibbs separated the spike, dipped it in the bowl again, and lifted Tony’s cock.
“What are you—no, NO, Gibbs, no!  I can’t, Gibbs—” A low, dangerous growl interrupted Tony’s pleading.
“Yes, Tony. You can because I say you will.”
Slowly, Gibbs pressed the spike into Tony’s slit.  The aborted, “N--no—” earned another growl, so Tony gritted his teeth and settled for keening as the hard metal invaded his penis.  When he tried to close his eyes, Gibbs stopped, squeezed his cock and said, “Don’t you dare, Tony.  You watch,” then dipped his hand in the vase and let the liquid drip down his hand and onto the spike sliding into Tony’s penis.  Finally, after long minutes—or was it hours?—and many repetitions of Gibbs dripping the liquid down the metal, Tony felt the cold head of the spike against his cockhead.
Again Gibbs reached into the vase and pulled out the cage.  Slowly he slid the cage over Tony’s cock and padlocked it to the matching chrome ring.  Gibbs lifted the head of the spike and padlocked it to the head of the cage.
It was about this time that Tony realized that the warm, tingling sensation he’d felt where the liquid fell on his skin was spreading and intensifying, and he even seemed to feel it inside his cock…
Yet again Gibbs reached into the vase and pulled out the odd plug.  With a feral and utterly terrifying grin on his face, he slid the plug up into Tony’s hole.  Its size was on the border between what Tony could and couldn’t take without preparation.  Certainly it was a challenge to let the fleshy, wet toy invade him, but it was a good challenge.  Gibbs being Gibbs, the plug scraped across his prostate the whole time and stayed resting on it when the plug was fully seated.
A cylindrical thing with hooks on both sides and four chains hanging on the bottom appeared in Gibbs’s hand next.  Gibbs’s callused hand stroking his balls sent Tony into an pleasurable haze, and then he felt something close around his scrotum, then it grew tighter and tighter until Tony thought he would burst…
Two faint snicks and suddenly the feel of the cylindrical thing changed, and then four more snicks and OH, god, why does my ass tingle?!
Gibbs strapped the harness on properly and Tony felt the chains around his ankles disconnect, then Tony saw the gesture to roll over.  It was with great trepidation that Tony obeyed; the sensation of the tingling everywhere near his genitals and the spike in his cock and the plug on his prostate and the nipple clamps and the cock cage sent Tony reeling again, so much so that he almost missed Gibbs uncuffing his hands from above his head and cuffing them together behind his back.  This feels nothing like when I was arrested with McGee; if it always felt this good being handcuffed, we’d never have a problem with struggling perps.
The jerk on the cuffs brought Tony back to his senses long enough to notice that there was a ladder coming out of Gibbs’s ceiling.  Gibbs pulled him to stand at the foot of the ladder and gave him a light shove.  “Up, Tony.”
Every step up the ladder shifted everything, and the tingling had started to evolve into a burning about halfway up the stairs.  Gibbs kept pushing him up the stairs, and when he finally crested the stairs, he saw one of the most complete playrooms he’d ever come across, and every piece of furniture was clearly hand-made.
The sight of all of the gorgeous hand-crafted equipment took Tony’s breath away, even knowing his boss had built a whole boat by hand.  Gibbs let him admire the playroom for a moment, then jerked the cuffs and marched Tony over to what looked like a very wide sawhorse with a piece missing at the back and an oddly-textured top.  Gibbs neatly bent him over the flogging bench, arranged Tony so his hipbones rested on the protruding sections and his cock and ball stretcher swung free in the gap, and manacled his ankles down.  The handcuffs were opened just long enough to move his hands in front of him, where Gibbs fitted the cuffs’ chain locked in something that forced his hands together into a prayer-like position and kept his chest flush against the bench.
The impact of Gibbs’s hard, flat hand against his ass really wasn’t that painful, but as the sting dulled a bit and Gibbs spanked him again, Tony realized that everything Gibbs had done tonight was really leading to this moment, this predicament, and it was brilliant.
The force of the spanking propelled Tony forward just enough to set the weights on the ball stretcher swinging and to scrape his clamped nipples along the textured surface of the bench.  The jolts of pleasure that arced through his body made his cock jump, thus moving the spike in his urethra and increasing the burning; the twitching of his cock also caused it to bounce against the sides of the cage.  And of course, his ass naturally clenched in anticipation of the strike, and the increased pressure on the plug caused the burning and tingling to increase tenfold.  Something—maybe the ball stretcher weights on the chain, or the blows themselves?—also made the plug shift and scrape along his prostate.  Despite the knowledge that his cock was caged, the instinct to increase the friction and work himself to orgasm guided him to try to thrust his hips, but the bench kept his legs spread so far apart, there was nothing in range of his neglected dick, and trying to thrust started the onslaught of the toys shifting inside him and wild arcs of bliss all over again.
It was all Tony could do to stay conscious through the myriad sensations.  Every so often, Gibbs would change implements, and now—oh god he’s giving me a hickey on my ass that is so going to bruise with this spanking…!  I never thought I’d feel Gibbs’s teeth on my ass.
Finally everything in his body reached an unbelievable fever pitch.  Tony had never been this high, felt this good during sex and God, normally I’d’ve come by now, maybe even twice—why did he stop?! What the hell is Gibbs rummaging for back there?!  The floggers and whips were all right here; why did he stop?!
Gibbs’s hands stroking down his hips and ass suddenly caused Tony to realize that the harness was gone.  There was nothing he could think of to indicate when; it simply was.  Those callused fingers were suddenly pressing insistently into his ass around, beside, next to the plug—how wide does he possibly need to stretch me, I mean I know his cock is huge but it’s not possibly that fat so what—oh!
Just then, Gibbs managed to slip his whole hand inside Tony’s ass, alongside the plug, of course.
Tony simply keened and babbled mindlessly as his boss opened his ass wider than it had ever been before; when he felt the plug and Gibbs’s hand retreating, he pushed fruitlessly to keep the wonderful fullness.
After several long moments of emptiness, Tony felt something hot and something bordering on cool nudging at his entrance.  Both drew away, and only the hot thing returned.  Gibbs’s cock is in my ass.  Twelve hours ago he was my straight, vanilla boss and now I’m chained to a hand-crafted flogging bench in his playroom with his cock up my ass.  If I’d known this would happen, I’d’ve talked with Abby about his kinks that first week at NCIS!
With the typical Gibbs self-control, his Boss fucked him slowly, lingering when he bottomed out and when he almost pulled out, and meanwhile the cool thing nudged along his perineum and made the weights on the ball stretcher swing.  At last Gibbs lingered a touch too long and Tony realized he intended to pull out.  Tony’s keening cry cut short when the cool thing began pressing into his ass instead and Gibbs’s dick slid up along his ass in perfect time with the very big cool thing.  It took longer to fully adjust to the big toy than it had to Gibbs’s cock, despite having been fisted beforehand.  It was a very long toy, and, as before, Gibbs lingered when it was as deep as it could go. 
Then everything retreated again and he heard Gibbs step away.  As Gibbs drizzled more lube on his back, into his hole, all down his ass (OH, GOD, the burning is still there!) he spoke lowly, dangerously, into Tony’s ear.  “You know what that was, Tony?  Found this site online.  They make adult toys with… special shapes.”  Gibbs nipped his way from Tony’s earlobe to his neck, bit and sucked on that one spot that always made Tony melt, and started fingering his ass again.  When satisfied with the monster hickey he’d created, Gibbs licked a trail back up to his other ear and spoke again.  “That was called Chance.  What I gave you before was unflared—had a nice two-inch head.  Easy to take, all fifteen inches of him.  This version of Chance is flared.  Four and a half inch head.  It’ll feel like I’m popping your cherry all over again, Tony, and then I’ll slide in next to it.”
Gibbs can talk dirty.  Oh, god, he’s good at it.  Probably could make me come with just that.
True to his word, the huge head of the toy pressed against Tony’s sensitive, burning hole, and though Gibbs’s fist was much bitter, somehow it had nothing on this!
An eternity of moments passed, and every one of them left Tony balancing a precipice between feeling as though he would be torn in two and the most amazing stretching he’d ever experienced.  Finally, finally, the toy’s head popped through the ring of muscle, and Gibbs played with him, pressing it slightly deeper, then stilling the toy completely, then pulling it out a little… Nononono not all the way out no!  It’s like he’s popping my cherry from the inside out!
It took what seemed like forever for the toy to pop back out again, but Gibbs left the head resting against his hole, and then his blazing cock pressed there too…
Together Gibbs and the toy pressed inside, and when Gibbs bottomed out, Chance kept going.  His Boss fucked him with abandon, building to a wild frenzy, and between every single sensation and nerve ending in his body going wild with pleasure, he finally orgasmed dry and blacked out.
When Tony came to, nothing had changed—Gibbs was still deep in his ass with the toy, his nipples rubbed the table, the ball stretcher swung, and the spike in his cock had him burning.  The orgasm hadn’t lessened his pleasure at all; it was still present and just as heady.
“You with me, DiNozzo?”  All Tony could manage by way of an answer was a keening hum.  “Good boy.  When you really do come, you’ll black out again.”
Still firmly inside him, Gibbs reached around and slowly released the nipple clamps, then thrust deep and made Tony’s nipples brush the textured surface.  Next he removed the padlocks from the cage, cock ring, and spike and slid the cage off, then began to work Tony’s swollen cock as he pulled out the spike.  Tony screamed, hummed, pleaded, but the sensations continued, even when the handcuffs released and the ball stretcher loosened just enough that he might be able to come.  Finally, in some sort of magic Gibbs move, the toy came out as Gibbs went deeper, stroking Tony’s cock in time with the push and pull of toy and penis.  As the toy’s head popped out again, Gibbs flicked open the cock ring and slid his hand over Tony’s cockhead, and thrust deeply into Tony. 
They came within heartbeats of each other, and when Tony saw Gibbs’s hand covered with his own come, he grabbed it, pulling Gibbs down against his body (and the slowly-softening cock deeper) and licked him clean.  When Tony was done, Gibbs pulled out, slid something small into his ass, and unlocked his manacles, and fully removed the loosened ball stretcher.
Together they climbed down the ladder and Gibbs guided him into the shower, where he adjusted the smaller plug in Tony’s ass.  “That stays in until I take it out, Tony.  I like knowing that I own you, inside and out, and I want my come in your ass for the foreseeable future.”
Tony’s cock gave a weak twitch, but after the explosive orgasms, that was all it could do.  In the bedroom, he bent and began gathering his clothes to dress, but a sharp slap on his ass stopped him.  “Did ya miss what I said in there, DiNozzo? You’re mine until I say otherwise.”
It took a very long moment for Tony to process what Gibbs wasn’t saying.  “You want me, Boss?  As in long-term committed monogamous kinky sex want me?”
Gibbs reached him in two long strides, cuffed the back of his head, and then pulled his neck in for the hottest kiss Tony had ever experienced.  “I want you, Tony, and you’re mine.  Matching rings and collar and leash mine.  Spending every spare moment chained to my bed with my cock up your ass mine. Until death do us part mine.”  Gibbs leaned in and kissed him sweetly, then guided him back to the bed.  “Let’s get some rest, DiNozzo.  We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us, whether or not we go shopping for rings.”
The reality that Gibbs was backhandedly proposing to him finally permeated Tony’s brain, and he rolled over and pinned Gibbs to the bed.  “Ask me outright, Boss, because I gotta know that this isn’t just wishful thinking on my part.  I need to be sure that this is what I hope it is.”
Tony suddenly found himself pinned underneath Gibbs, receiving the full weight of Gibbs’s attention.  “Anthony Dominic DiNozzo, will you do me the honor of marrying and submitting to me, to be mine in every way as long as we live?”
Delighted warmth blossomed in Tony’s chest; he stroked his thumb across Gibbs’s index finger, and then squeezed the big hands entwined with his.  “Yes.  Forever, though it may not be long enough.  In every way that there is, because I’ve been yours since you slapped the back of my head and told me that you don’t waste good, and that I was good.”
They shared a sweet kiss, and Tony curled around Gibbs as they slept.
Twenty-four hours after Gibbs had growled, “Straight to my house after work, DiNozzo,” into his ear, Tony and Gibbs finalized the purchase of their wedding rings, Tony’s new collar, and a new leash at a small shop that sold metal- and leather goods.  They also exchanged “I love you”s for the first time as the clerk processed the sale.
One week after following Gibbs back up to the bullpen in terror, expecting to be fired that night, Abby cornered Tony in a deserted hallway.  “You are coming to my apartment tonight.  You’ve got some ‘splainin to do.”
“Gotta make sure it’s ok first; I’ll text you the verdict before closing time.”  Her eyes bugged out, but she nodded and let him go.
Seven days after the first time he’d had sex with Gibbs, Tony sat next to Abby explaining the wedding invitation she’d found on her computer.
“I thought you weren’t dating.”
“We weren’t.”
“How long had you two been a couple when he proposed?  Because I can’t see you proposing to him.  He’s just too… toppy.”
A sappy grin lit on Tony’s face.  “Oh, he’s even toppier than you think.  We kinda went from co-workers to me tied to his bed in about three seconds, and after the most amazing orgasm ever—an hour later, mind you—he proposed.  I told him I was already his and we bought rings as soon as we recovered the next morning.”
Eight days after Tony spent hours mentally re-working his résumé, Gibbs and Tony called the team and organized a dinner at Gibbs’s house to properly inform them of their upcoming nuptials. 
And the fact that they’d gotten together.
Ziva had been put out by the news and opted not to stay for dinner.  Tim, Abby and Ducky accepted Tony sitting at Gibbs’s feet with easy grace.  Palmer spent most of the night blushing and stammering into his drinks, but as Tony led him to a sleeping bag near the downstairs guest bathroom, he admitted to Tony that he thought they were good together and would be honored to be at their wedding, and collaring ceremony, if they were having one.
Tony decided then that they were.
Nine days after wondering what he’d do without his family at NCIS when Gibbs fired him, Tony knelt next to Gibbs, happily eating the leftover pizza his Boss fed him, being sure to lick the pizza sauce from the callused fingers after every bite.
Taking care of his hung-over friends wasn’t bad, though the fact that it ate into his weekend with his fiancé—I’m getting married.  I thought that I never would after Wendy.—having them there was very helpful for planning the wedding and collaring ceremony.
Two weeks after a hellish day of wondering how he could survive Gibbs hating him, Ziva cornered Tony in the men’s room on Abby’s floor and kissed him.  Tony surreptitiously called Abby and Gibbs as he explained to Ziva that despite having not dated, he knew that Gibbs was who he wanted and their relationship was none of her business.  She seemed to accept it, especially when Gibbs “coincidentally” walked into the bathroom with McGee.
(She saw the red handcuff marks on his wrists later that day and stormed up to Vance, who told her it was none of her business what her colleagues, who were consenting adults, got up to in the privacy of their bedroom.  After she stormed out of his office, he called Gibbs and Tony up to congratulate them.  They apologized for not telling him sooner and handed him the wedding invitation that had somehow gotten stuck in a file for review and landed back on Gibbs’s desk.)
Three weeks after wondering just how bad it would be to work with Fornell, the wedding reception was booked and the plan worked out for keeping Ziva out of the collaring ceremony.
Four weeks after the longest drive to Gibbs’s house ever, Tony dragged Gibbs out to buy new suits for their wedding; seeing his Boss in designer suits that we’re picking for our wedding (!) made Tony even hotter than seeing him for the first time in those black leather pants he’d worn last weekend.  As usual, the sex that night blew Tony’s mind.
Four weeks and six days after tentatively following Gibbs up the stairs, not knowing what to expect, the last of Tony’s possessions were delivered from his apartment to Gibbs’s house.  He followed Gibbs up the stairs again, but there was no trepidation now.
Five weeks after realizing that Gibbs had somehow stripped and chained him spread-eagle on the king-sized in less than thirty seconds and that he was at the man’s mercy, Tony stared at the wedding band on his finger as his husband wrapped an arm around his waist.  Their wedding had been perfect (well, except for Ziva’s aborted outburst trying to object to them marrying, but whatever—Jackson Gibbs had shut her up damn quick and Senior promised to run interference until she left)  and now they were going to the short dinner reception.
Because the wedding party was so small, Ducky had suggested a restaurant that provided circular tables that seated up to twenty people; the wedding party consisted of fifteen.  (Originally Fornell wasn’t invited, but when he’d strolled into Gibbs’s house on a Friday evening and saw them fucking on the couch, all he said was, “About time you two got together.  I brought some pizza.  I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re done.”  Tony invited him just because he reacted so well and shared the pizza; Gibbs welcomed him to bring Emily along so he didn’t lose out on a weekend with his daughter.)
There wasn’t assigned seating, but Gibbs had automatically snagged the “head” of the circular table and sat Tony in the seat on his left; Ducky and Palmer (Tony found it hilarious that both of them had picked from Autopsy to be best man) flanked them; from there, everyone found their own spot.  Palmer was rather overwhelmed being next to both Tony Junior and Senior, but as Senior spent more time talking to Vance, he adjusted quickly.  Interestingly, Ziva behaved herself between McGee and Fornell, who was also talking to Jackie and Vance over the three kids present, sharing stories.  Abby focused mainly on chatting with Jack, though she did occasionally jump into Ziva and McGee’s conversation when Jack and Ducky got carried away.
When the food arrived, Tony panicked.  More often than not, he and Gibbs shared a plate; even when they ate separately, Gibbs would feed him the first bite if at all possible.  Ziva reacted badly to knowing we have rough sex!  How will she react to seeing Gibbs feed me?  I shouldn’t have to worry about these things on my wedding day.
As if it was the most natural thing in the world, Gibbs cut a piece from the steak and baked potato, picked up food with his fork, offered it to Tony, and kissed him sweetly after he swallowed.  Catching on to the plan, Tony loaded his own fork with a piece of steak and a piece of steamed carrot and offered it to Gibbs, who took it.  They shared another kiss after Gibbs swallowed.
Abby made a soft sound as they broke apart; the starry look on her face bewildered them until she said, “I hadn’t seen you two kiss until now.  I’ve never seen a couple so sweet—or so in love—before.”
Dinner finished without incident, and everyone adjourned to the parking lot.  Gifts and congratulations were given to the couple, and the wedding party dispersed.  A small group was set to meet at Gibbs’s house for the collaring ceremony in ninety minutes.
Four hours after the Justice of the Peace declared them married, Tony knelt at Gibbs’s feet and surrendered himself to Gibbs’s will until his dying day.  Though Palmer, Ducky, Abby, and Tim stood just a few feet to their right, Tony had eyes only for his husband.  The feeling of the cool, solid chrome collar and Gibbs’s callused fingers on his neck set Tony gasping in pleasure.
Gibbs snapped the leash onto Tony’s collar, pressed a kiss to his kneeling husband’s lips, and grinned.  To the team, he said, “Thank you.  Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got a honeymoon to celebrate!”
A round of hugs and congratulations came first, of course.
At last, they left.  Tony stared again at the wedding ring on his finger, until Gibbs tugged on his leash and drew him in for a kiss.  “I thought, since it’s what got us here, you might want a repeat of our first night.  Of course, I’ve got some new toys to play with.”
Tony’s eyes grew round and dark.  “You mean a repeat of everything?”
Gibbs pulled him close again and nuzzled his neck where the collar lay.  “Everything, Tony.  Especially the figging and cock plugging.  Got a new toy that’ll let me drip the ginger straight into your dick.”
It was many hours before Tony surfaced from subspace with a very sore ass (taking both of the dildos at once while sucking Gibbs’s cock was quite an experience!).  When he did surface, Gibbs made him fly again until the honeymoon was over and they went back to work.
And so they lived and loved (and had a lot of sex).

The toys:
The cock cage

Another interesting cock cage (but not what I was thinking)
The first cock plug
The second cock plug
The one I didn't tell you about (but Gibbs used it during the honeymoon)
The ball stretcher (the chains are from my imagination)
Bad Dragon's Chance, unflared
Bad Dragon's Chance, flared
(The flogging bench came out of my own demented mind.)

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Um, whu? You want coherence after that? Gimme an hour or so,k?

Pretty good. Very intense. Sorry I missed the brainstorming session. Had to sleep.


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I'm so thrilled you like it! (I hope I tagged and formatted everything right, and didn't miss any warnings...)

*Glompy hugs* Thank you!

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hehehe oh poor Tony.... (or should I say lucky?? ;)

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LOL, I'd say a little of both. ^_^ Thanks~!

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Damn. Love it :)

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Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

Your icon is superhawt, by the way! <3!

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I've got a full size of that manip running around somewhere. I'll have to find it later. :)

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/o\ Please do share if you find it! :D


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